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At Bedrock Inspections, we approach every home inspection with an investigative mentality, working to solve the many mysteries that are always present in a home’s construction so that you can know exactly what to expect from your prospective investment. Often, there are hidden issues that make it necessary for a good home inspector to dig a little deeper. No matter how challenging that process may be, we’ll find a way to uncover the facts about the condition of each readily accessible component so that you have the knowledge you need to make an informed buying decision.

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Good Help When You Need It Most

  • Trying to deter you from investing in a particular home is never our goal, and it never will be—we simply want to provide you with an honest assessment of a home’s condition that will substantially strengthen your ability to find success in your real estate investment
  • We understand what it’s like to have a busy schedule—that’s why we offer Saturday appointments in addition to our standard hours to help our clients pin down a more convenient time for a home inspection to be conducted

Convenient Digital Inspection Reports Within 24 Hours

When we’ve finished inspecting each readily accessible area of your prospective home, you can expect to receive a detailed digital report of our findings within 24 hours. Video clips and photographs will be incorporated throughout the inspection report as necessary to clarify certain information provided in the written summaries. We’ll also provide complimentary access to the cutting-edge Create Request List™ (CRL)™ feature by HomeGauge.

While reviewing the inspection summaries for defective components, you can select any item to add into your personalized project and repair request list

For each item you select, you can request for the defective component to be repaired, replaced, or reimbursed

The CRL™ is designed to be highly intuitive and easily accessible, allowing you to work on your request list from nearly any device with an internet connection

To ensure that you aren’t negatively affected in the event that an inspection report doesn’t hold up to your expectations, you’ll be protected through our Errors & Omissions/General Liability insurance policy. 

Serving Utah County and Surrounding Areas

We’re proud to provide superior home inspection services to home-buyers and sellers located in Utah County and surrounding areas.

At Bedrock Inspections, we employ a non-invasive and non-alarmist approach to the home inspection process—providing our clients with unbiased facts about a home’s condition so that no investment is finalized without properly weighing the strengths and weaknesses of the home’s construction. Contact us today to request an inspection.


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