Pete Bagwell, one of Salt Lake City's home inspectors

Pete Bagwell—Certified Professional Inspector (CPI)®

Pete Bagwell is the owner and inspector of Bedrock Inspections. Every time that Pete is called upon to inspect a home, his goal is to help each client gain surer footing before they have to decide whether or not to follow through with finalizing their home purchase.

To accomplish this, Pete meticulously analyzes the home’s construction, taking his time to ensure that each inspection finding is accurate so that you can attain the level of understanding you need to make a fully informed investment.

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A Home Inspector Who Stays on His Toes

Before he became a Certified Professional Inspector (CPI)®, Pete was introduced to the real estate industry while helping a friend start a vacation rental business. Pete helped with the maintenance duties on several of these rental properties, and he soon branched out to assist other friends and acquaintances who worked in the construction industry.

After Pete and his wife decided to spearhead much of the remodeling work on their own home, it became clear to Pete that he wanted to make a career out of helping others make the most of their own real estate investments.

As a professional home inspector, Pete has found his true passion—staying on his toes every day in order to identify hidden, unknown, or previously undisclosed facts about a home’s construction, which can be an asset toward a successful real estate transaction.

Convenient Digital Inspection Reports Within 24 Hours

No matter where the referral came from, when a client chooses us to perform a home inspection we work solely in their interests—ensuring that you receive an unbiased inspection report that you can trust

We encourage you to follow along with us as we inspect your prospective home, giving us an opportunity to communicate with you in-depth about our findings while we’re looking at the home together

If you need to ask us a question after you’ve received your inspection report, please give us a call—it doesn’t matter how long ago we inspected the home, we’ll always be happy to get you the answers you need

When He’s Not Conducting Home Inspections

Pete enjoys fixing up houses and other DIY projects. Pete also loves spending time outdoors, attending soccer games, and playing with his dogs as much as possible.

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At Bedrock Inspections, we identify potential deficiencies in a home’s construction while also helping our clients figure out creative and realistic solutions that will help their prospective home purchase align more closely with their plans and expectations. Contact us today to request an inspection.


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