Do we (the buyers) need to be there?

That ultimately comes down to your preference. There may not be much for you to do as we’re going through the house but you’re absolutely welcome to show up for the whole inspection if you’re so inclined!

It’s not uncommon for clients to show up during the inspection and begin measuring for furniture and appliances or give their friends and family a video tour of their new place.  It’s an experience for you that a home inspector shouldn’t obstruct.


Okay, but what’s standard?

Our typical practice is to have clients to show up near the end of our inspections.  That way we can completely focus on our work while also being able to go through our discoveries with you in person.  We take a lot of pictures as we go through a home but those may not do as good of a job conveying something.  Having the opportunity to walk directly to a particular area of concern for further elaboration helps to mitigate confusion.


Let’s keep our imaginations in check

An inspection report is considered a legal document.  Do you often read through the terms and conditions of a new app or video game and feel all those warm fuzzies?  Me neither.  A home inspector’s job is to remain objective and report facts.  Our feelings don’t matter when it comes to how we’re presenting the discoveries of this huge investment you’re trying to make.  So sometimes our inspection reports can be misconstrued as some level of fear-mongering if we aren’t able to add some context.

It’s easy for most people to picture the worst case scenario or let their imagination run free.  Maybe their new house will fall over or burn up or ambush them with a $50k repair bill out of nowhere. All of those are all POSSIBLE, but you’ve got about the same chance at winning Powerball. If I’m able to show you exactly what I’m looking at, explain why I’m pointing it out, and tell you how common (or uncommon) it is, that usually helps put people at ease.


And what if I can’t make it to the inspection?

We’ve all got lives to live, right?  The world doesn’t take a break for us just because we’re achieving milestones in our own lives.  If your agent is able to make it then we’ll go over everything with them.  As we start putting the report together later in the day, we’ll try to get in touch with you and discuss our findings then. A phone call is the next best thing to actually meeting in person so we’ll still try to make sure you have a solid understanding of your investment, as well as address any concerns and answer whatever questions you may come up with.

It’s important for our clients to know that we’ll continue trying to support them by answering questions, assuaging concerns, or helping guide them in the right direction even long after we part ways from the formal home inspection.  This is a people business first and foremost, so give us a chance to prove it to you!

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