Radon testing is a big deal in places like Utah because of our close proximity to the mountains.  There’s a tremendous number of companies offering radon monitoring and mitigation and I’m one of them!  But even though I’m fully qualified and capable of testing, there’s a better way to do it.

Radon levels can vary throughout the year from all kinds of different factors.  When my wife and I moved to Utah County the house we bought tested below 1.0.  I tested again in the winter when levels are typically higher and we were above 5.0!  So a one-time test will give you a one-time result, but how will you know if radon gets into your home after you’ve gotten the results of that test?

This continuousContinuous Radon Monitor radon monitor is the one I bought for our own house.  It’s simple to use: just put some batteries in, put it in your basement, and let it do its thing.  The monitor gives you short term and long term results so you can see daily fluctuations AND a weekly average.  The EPA has a fantastic website if you’re looking for more information on radon and it is not difficult at all to find local mitigation companies.  If your house ends up testing high for radon and you need a system installed then remember to get at least three separate bids.

The goal here is to help homeowners and potential home buyers save money and be better informed.  If you insist on throwing money at me to test your house for radon then by all means please get in touch with me. But what good will those results be next year?